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Midlands Window Cleaning

Professional exterior cleaning services at Competitive Prices

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Our Services



Foto house with garden windows for Window Cleaning Residential

We clean you windows professional up to a highed of 60 feet. Detergents are eco-friendly ...

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Roof Conservatory

Foto of conservatory after prefessional cleaning

We clean your roof conservatories with professional cleaning material so you can enjoy the sun more ...

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Solar Panel

Foto of Solar panel cleaned by professional extended cleaner

Most manufactures recommend that solar panels are cleaned half-yearly to maintain performance ...

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Foto of dirty gutter cleaned by professional service

Gutters are an essential part of keeping your property protected from water damage, thus cleaning ...

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Foto of driveway cleaned with professional water pressure

We use eco-friendly special detergents to clean all the dirt, green moss, grease and all debris ...

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foto with house facade before cleaning and after for Professional facade cleaning

We offer a lot of different professional outdoor cleaning services around your house.

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What makes us different

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Our Team

Our team is very reliable, friendly and approachable.

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Eco-friendly detergents

We use Eco-friendly detergents and equipments.

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Flexible Payments

We use flexible Payments Systems: Card Chip & Pin system, cash, bank transfer, online transfer, paypal, direct debit, cheque, ...